High performance plant lights and grow tents from Gro-Rite Hydroponic Supplies of Basildon, Essex

When it comes to plant growth, it's crucial to regulate your plant's environment to achieve optimal growth. Here at Gro-Rite Hydroponics of Basildon, you'll find everything you need to supercharge your plants! From ventilation machinery, to plant lights and grow tents, we can supply you with the tools to take your growing to the next level.

From smaller fluorescent grow lights to powerful 1000W models, we can provide lighting solutions to help your plants thrive. Our lighting products are sourced for their safety, reliability and efficiency. We are proud suppliers of the industry trusted Lunatik grow light range.

Grow tents are a proven, all-weather growth aid and we stock models to suit any budget. Whether you're an experienced horticulturist or a keen beginner, our selection is among the best for miles around.

To learn more, call us today or, better still, take a look at our shop in Basildon, Essex.

To help achieve optimal growth for your plants, you may also consider our range of nutrients and hydroponic systems.