Pest Control

Effective Garden Pest Control Supplies in Basildon, Essex

Whether you're a home gardener, smallholder or commercial farmer, it's a well-known fact that common garden menaces such as slugs, beetles and mites can put all your hard work in jeopardy! Fear not; the team at Gro-Rite Hydroponic Supplies of Basildon are your friendly neighbourhood pest control experts! We can provide an effective, fast-acting product to banish virtually any outdoor pest. 

Our market-leading garden pest control products include:

Plagron Might Neem: This powerful organic pesticide from Sri Lanka is formulated to target all manner of insects, mites and nematodes directly in the soil and on the plant, without damaging your precious green spaces in the process. We're sure you'll be amazed by the difference in your green spaces!

CannaCure: We are proud to stock this professional pest and plant disease control product. Developed at the Canna Research Laboratories, this clever pest control solution also serves as a leaf nutrient, meaning bigger flowers and better yields! This relative newcomer to the market has already been lauded by many home and commercial gardeners alike. Used just once a week, CannaCure can effectively safeguard against against pests and diseases whilst promoting healthy growth.

Ed Rosenthal's: Ed Rosenthal's Zero Tolerance eliminates plant pests. This herbal pesticide is made from the highest quality oils of cinnamon, clove, rosemary and thyme. Zero Tolerance not only stops garden pests in their tracks, it smells great too! It's made from pure food grade ingredients and is plant, people and pet friendly. Zero Tolerance is biodegradable and environmentally safe so you can use it without worry. Zero Tolerance works in outdoor gardens, greenhouses and indoor hydroponic systems. Zero Tolerance not only kills existing pest infestations fast, it repels against new attacks. For fruits and vegetables, Zero Tolerance can be applied up to 5 days before harvest. Zero Tolerance eliminates spider mites, aphids, thrips, whiteflies, ants, scale, gnats, root aphids, and caterpillars. Zero Tolerance is available in quarts or gallons of ready-to-use formula, or quarts of concentrate (makes 5 gallons).

Our pest control products work in synergy with our plant nutrients, so don't forget to stock up on both. The best product to control or prevent garden pest problems varies on a case by case basis so, if you're unsure, simply ask and we'll make an expert recommendation free of charge.

If you have enquiries about our garden pest control supplies, or any of our other products, get in touch with us today or come and see us at the shop in Basildon, Essex.